Future Technology Deploys Avaya Call Center Solutions At Americana

Date : 06-12-2007

Future Technology, an Avaya Gold Partner, has announced the successful implementation of Avaya Call Centre Solutions at Americana UAE, the regions pioneer in the food industry. Americana will deploy Avaya’s call centre solutions to handle home delivery orders for its Pizza Hut, Hardees, and KFC outlets around the UAE.

The rising volume of customer calls, increased costs, and different call centre location across the UAE led to Americana wanting to consolidate its call centre operations to boost productivity, increase efficiency, and enhance its operations. Americana’s call centre in Sharjah currently handles a huge volume of calls per day.

Prior to implementing Avaya, Americana’s call centers handled customers delivery calls from across the UAE. While the legacy system contained all customer data, the system lacked the capability to handle the rising volume of calls, resulting in increased number of calls in queue, and dropped orders. Different call centers across the UAE also meant more call centre agents, more licenses, and a consequent loss Advertisement of business.

Americana is the Middle East's most successful group of companies operating consumer foods, restaurants, and food-related products. Americana operate almost 800 restaurants across 66 cities with several international franchises like KFC, Hardee's, and Pizza Hut and a wide range of consumer foods manufactured in 15 factories in 5 different countries and marketed across the region with well-known names like Americana Meat, Americana Cake, Farm Frites, California Garden, Heinz, Koki, Green Land and much more.

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