Contact Center/CRM Solution
Unleash the Power of Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a business strategy that spans the entire organization from front-office to back-office. It is a commitment to put customers at the heart of the enterprise. The right CRM strategy and solutions can help securely, reliably and consistently:

  1. Delight customers with each and every interaction, by empowering them with anytime, anywhere, and any channel access to accurate information and more personalized service.
  2. Reach more customers more effectively, increase customer retention and boost customer loyalty by leveraging opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell and drive repeat business at lower costs.
  3. Drive improvements in business performance by providing customers with the ability to access more information through self-service and assisted-service capabilities when it is convenient for them.
  4. Enable virtualization of the enterprise as more people and resources extend beyond the office walls and be open to business opportunities from around the world.

  5. Balance sophisticated functionality with rapid implementation and effective support for a faster return on CRM investments.

Avaya CRM solutions offer tools that can help empower customers, employees and partners; build strong business relationships; improve bottom line performance; and provide the necessary competitive differentiation. They deliver just what is needed to win in today's challenging economy where customers control the relationship. With customers in control, it is the experience being delivered across every channel and touch point that really matters. Avaya Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions deliver customer experiences that can increase the value of any company and impact bottom line profitability.

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