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A holistic combination of software, consulting, and support services that integrate Avaya Intelligent Communications into business processes, making it possible to sense events in real-time and then orchestrate and track enterprise-wide actions — creating a more responsive organization.

When it comes to understanding your business operations, one of the biggest challenges you may face is not getting more information about your business process — it’s making smarter, faster use of the information that’s already available.
Like most companies, you may have invested heavily in IT infrastructures to gather critical information from many sources about your business process. But you still face a major challenge when it comes to acting on that information. Because your business relies primarily on people to receive information, analyze it and orchestrate the organizational response, there are inevitable delays (or latency) that can have a dramatic impact on business performance.

The problem lies in the sheer volume of information, the wide range of heterogeneous sources from which it is gathered, and the fact that it is often dispersed in isolated pockets across your business. All of this makes it difficult for managers to correlate data and quickly get the visibility to identify patterns and detect events.

Even when it is possible to pinpoint important events quickly enough to do something about it, managers must then take on the role of orchestrating the

communications: contacting and mobilizing key personnel, distributing the relevant information, and then following up to verify actions. The situation is particularly acute during exception or crisis events.
And because the cycle of response is separate from the business process itself, it’s difficult if not impossible to later reconstruct what actions were taken for the purposes of post-hoc analysis or compliance.

Not having an intelligent process in place to recognize and act on important events as soon as they occur dramatically impacts business performance and significantly diminishes the value of the investment in IT.


  • Detect and act on real-time information without delay

  • Accelerate response and resolution time by optimizing existing processes and communications

  • Increase the productivity of scarce human resources

  • Leverage existing communication resources to create new business value

  • Create competitive advantage through business processes that provide better responsiveness and pro-active customer service


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